Best solution for large-scale crypto transactions, with top-notch personalised support

Bitpace OTC Desk ensures you enjoy the best rates, evade market volatility, and get direct support from our team throughout your transaction process. The cherry on top is our global reach and lightning-fast, rock-solid infrastructure. Working with Bitpace makes your crypto transactions smooth and secure!

Exit volatility. Enter best rates.

Getting the best cryptocurrency rates isn't just a hope; it's a given at Bitpace!

While you’re navigating the high seas of crypto, consider us your trusty compass, always pointing you toward the most favorable deals. On the quest to make secure transactions with unbeatable, competitive rates, we turn all your crypto endeavors into victories.

What is an OTC Desk?

An OTC (meaning “Over-The-Counter”) desk allows for crypto transactions to be conducted directly, discreetly, and off traditional exchange markets. Our OTC Desk is the go-to place for savvy businesses looking to navigate crypto world smoothly, ensuring every major transaction is tailored, secure, and seamlessly aligned with your business needs.

How does our OTC Desk work?

An OTC Desk in the cryptocurrency domain offers a regulated, safe, secure, and fast way for businesses to conduct large-volume crypto transactions. Operating under strict regulatory compliance, our OTC desk ensures that all crypto transactions adhere to KYC and AML standards, providing a layer of security and legitimacy. The OTC process minimizes market impact, thus offering stable pricing, even for substantial trades. This setup not only safeguards the confidentiality of transactions but also guarantees a rapid and efficient exchange of assets.

Who can benefit from Bitpace OTC Desk?

Large-scale crypto

Bitpace OTC Desk is ideal for those who deal in sizeable crypto transactions and need to handle large-volume trades with finesse and ease.

Businesses seeking to
expand globally

Companies looking to broaden their horizons in international markets will find our global reach and seamless transaction process invaluable.

High net-worth

Our OTC Desk is perfect for investors and crypto enthusiasts who prefer personalized, discreet, and secure handling of their substantial crypto assets.

Tech-savvy enterprises

Forward-thinking businesses that want to integrate cutting-edge crypto solutions into their operations will find our OTC Desk will  enhance efficiency and help them stay ahead of the curve.


Online marketplaces and retailers seeking to offer diverse, secure, and efficient payment options to a global customer base will love Bitpace OTC Desk.

Fintech innovators

Companies at the forefront of financial technology will find our OTC Desk solution perfect for leveraging crypto for innovative payment solutions and financial services.

What does Bitpace OTC Desk offer?

Discretion and privacy

Your big trades stay private, ensuring market stability and keeping your transactions away from prying eyes.

Personalized service

Your priorities become our top priority when you become an OTC Desk client. With your own dedicated expert, you can easily tailor each transaction to your specific needs.

Market-proof rates

Bitpace OTC Desk is here to protect your transactions against market volatility, ensuring you get optimal value every time, no matter the transaction.

Swift, secure, and solid

We ensure every deal is not only quick but also fortified with the strongest security protocols. 

Bitpace is reliable and trustworthy

Fully licensed

We’re licensed by EU financial authorities.

No use of client funds

Your funds are held in safeguarding accounts, keeping them completely safe.

Regularly audited

Per our licenses, we are regularly subject to regulatory and financial audits.

Zero vulnerability

With integrated KYB procedures, compliant MLRO & AML officers, we protect your business from illegal funds.

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Frequently asked questions

What sets Bitpace’s OTC Desk apart from other platforms?

It's the ultimate solution for substantial business transactions in crypto, not a trading venue.

What cryptocurrencies can I handle at the OTC Desk?

We cover a wide range of 20+ major cryptocurrencies, ready for your big moves.

Is there a minimum size for transactions?

Yes, we're in the business of big! Contact us for specifics on transaction minimums.

How does Bitpace ensure competitive pricing?

We're always on the ball, ensuring you get the best possible value for each transaction.

Is Bitpace OTC Desk safe and secure?

Security is our forte! We've implemented solid measures to ensure your transactions are as safe as can be.