Build your crypto payment business in no time

Bitpace Whitelabel Solution blends your brands unique identity with our highly capable crypto payment solutions and technological expertise. With Bitpace, you can launch your custom-branded, user-friendly crypto payment platform immediately!

Your crypto payment business. Supercharged by our tech.

Bitpace Whitelabel Solution is your fast track to setting up an advanced crypto payment service for your clients. Our platform is designed for swift integration, allowing your business to launch its branded crypto payment gateway immediately! All we need is your logo.

Combine our technical excellence with your unique brand to provide the best crypto rates to your customers.

What is Bitpace whitelabel solution?

Bitpace Whitelabel Solution is an innovative service that surpasses industry benchmarks with its exceptionally quick setup time. At its core, it’s a powerful, behind-the-scenes engine for transactions in the crypto world. Using Bitspace Whitelabel Solution allows businesses to offer their clients a sophisticated, branded crypto payment gateway.

With Bitpace Whitelabel Solution, businesses can provide crypto payment services to other businesses under their own brand name, powered by Bitpace's reliable and cutting-edge technology.

How does Bitpace whitelabel solution work?

The process is simple: we customise our cryptocurrency payment gateway with your branding, and you’re left with a payment gateway system that is all yours! With our Whitelabel Solution, you’ll be able to offer your clients your unique payment gateway,  enabling them to start collecting crypto payments from their customers. With our payment gateway, now branded with your company’s logo, you can instantly become a crypto payment gateway provider yourself.

Our continuous backend support ensures your payment gateway’s smooth operation and full, up-to-date functionality. With its wide range of capabilities, great conversion rates, and immediate, effortless setup, Bitpace Whitelabel Solution is the best turnkey solution for fintechs that aim to offer a robust cryptocurrency payment gateway solution to their clients under their own brand.

What does Bitpace whitelabel solution offer?


Your fintech business can have its own branded crypto payment gateway solution immediately.

Our rapid implementation allows you to quickly step into the crypto payment arena with a fully functional,  crypto payment gateway under your brand for your clients.

Tailored for the best rates

With Bitpace Whitelabel Solution, you’re not only getting the fastest setup for a crypto payment gateway, but also some of the best rates in the market, providing you with a competitive edge.


In the case that you’re operating through sub-merchants, our sub-merchant panel is your dream come true.

As the parent merchant, you’ll have access to an all-in-one view, as well as merchant-specific reports.

Seamless API integration

Our solution comes with well-documented APIs, making the integration process smooth and straightforward. 

Provide your clients with a seamless crypto payment experience with our Whitelabel solution.

Development support

We offer unparalleled technical assistance, ensuring your business’s integration with our Whitelabel solution is as smooth and fast as possible.

Our chat support channel, serviced by your account manager, a product manager, and our tech team of seasoned developers, ensures you have guidance through every challenge.

Who can benefit from Bitpace whitelabel solution?

Payment service providers

Ideal for payment processors looking to expand their offerings with cryptocurrency payment options.

Merchant networks

Expand market access and reduce transaction fees for your merchant network interested in cryptocurrency payments.


Embed our advanced crypto payment solutions into your service line-up and keep your fintech services ahead of the curve.

Bitpace is reliable and trustworthy

Fully licensed

We’re licensed by EU financial authorities.

No use of client funds

Your funds are held in safeguarding accounts, keeping them completely safe.

Regularly audited

Per our licenses, we are regularly subject to regulatory and financial audits.

Zero vulnerability

With integrated KYB procedures, compliant MLRO & AML officers, we protect your business from illegal funds.

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Frequently asked questions

How does whitelabeling work with Bitpace?

We take our robust crypto payment gateway and customize its appearance to align with your brand. You get all Bitpace’s functionality but with an interface that reflects your company’s brand.

How quickly can we integrate Bitpace whitelabel solution?

Our payment gateway can be branded and made immediately available for your use. You can start offering your branded crypto payment gateway solution to your clients right away!

Can we guarantee the best rates for our clients?

Absolutely. Our platform is optimized to ensure your clients receive the most competitive rates for their crypto transactions. We use several providers, with our algorithms checking each instantly for the best price.

Will Bitpace whitelabel solution help me attract new clients?

Definitely. A unique, branded crypto payment option can be a game-changer when attracting clients who prefer cryptocurrency payment solutions.