We offer lightning-fast conversion and settlements for you and your customers

With Bitpace, crypto funds deposited by you or your customers are quickly settled in the currency of your choice. We provide conversions to FIAT or crypto, and fast settlements in USD, EUR, USDT and USDC. 

Enjoy Bitpace’s lightning-fast crypto settlements

Our settlement platform allows you to manage your deposits, payments and balances in crypto and FIAT efficiently and do crypto-to-crypto or crypto-to-FIAT conversion effortlessly. Convert BTC to USDT or ETH to EUR - it's all possible with Bitpace.

Whether you make deposits in FIAT or crypto or get paid in them, Bitpace can handle it all! With Bitpace, your money will be automatically converted to the currency of your choice at the best conversion rates possible, with payments settling at lightning speed. No fuss, no hassle.

What is a crypto

A crypto settlement is the process of finalising and clearing transactions made using cryptocurrencies. It involves the transfer of digital assets between parties and the reconciliation of these transactions on the blockchain.

How do crypto
settlements work?

A crypto settlement works by recording transactions on the blockchain. When a payment is initiated, the transaction details are verified and recorded as blocks on the blockchain, providing an immutable and transparent payment record.

Great for your

Deposit and withdraw your funds in FIAT or cryptocurrencies.
Hold your funds in the settlement currency of your choice. Buy, sell, swap as you like.
Pay suppliers, merchants, and employees in crypto.
Avoid volatility and ensure optimal prices, low margins, and better returns.
Manage customer deposits with ease - with all reports available on a single interface.

Great for your customers

Your customers can top-up their accounts by any amount using crypto, then buy products or services in any currency.
Deposited funds are auto-converted and rapidly settled, with funds available almost instantly.
When required for a purchase, Bitpace provides automatic FIAT-crypto conversions with good rates and zero hassle.
Your customers are provided with unique, permanent wallet IDs, valid for both current and future transfers.
We provide quick access to FIAT and crypto funds for transfers and withdrawals.
Customers can make payments by link and QR code.

The Bitpace way of crypto settlements

Secure optimal
prices, always

The financial market can feel like a labyrinth at times, but with Bitpace, you'll always be able to find your way out. Our algorithms are designed to pinpoint the best prices in real-time, giving you the edge to secure the best conversion rates around. You'll get the most out of each trade, no matter the state of the market.

Better returns, one transaction at a time

Each transaction is an opportunity for growth, and Bitpace is here to help you make your moves at the right moment. Our algorithms keep an eye on the market trends, making sure you can take advantage of the best crypto and FIAT conversion opportunities. Bitpace allows you to sit back and enjoy the ride by making each of your trades a successful one. Let us do the heavy lifting of crypto conversion!

Take charge of crypto,
FIAT, and stablecoins

Whether you're dealing in crypto, FIAT, or stablecoins, you need a crypto payment provider that empowers you to manage your balances like a pro. With our support, you can make each of your buying and selling decisions profitable. Take your cryptocurrency game to the next level with Bitpace.

No secret fees and limit

At Bitpace, we don't like monetary surprises. That means whether you're selling or depositing crypto, we'll inform you about any crypto conversion and withdrawal fees upfront, with all the information about our fees and crypto deposit limits easily accessible on our merchant panel.

What does Bitpace bring to crypto payments?

Best settlement

Your funds can be settled in USD, EUR,

Auto-convert feature

Funds are converted automatically, so you don’t lose time or money.


Your funds are settled in seconds, if not in minutes, after blockchain confirmation.

Optimal rates secured

Your orders are executed at the best conversion rates.

What Bitpace offers

Business owners, finance managers, and developers all love Bitpace! Our interface is fast, intuitive, and user-friendly, meaning no hassle. Our technology is made with developers in mind. Our gateway is easy to set up, integrate, and use. Bitpace makes receiving crypto payments efficient and simple.


At Bitpace, security is our top priority. Our payment gateway employs advanced encryption and authentication tools to ensure every transaction is safe and to protect sensitive information.


Transactions made through Bitpace's payment gateway comes with enhanced privacy. Personal and financial information remains confidential, giving peace of mind to both merchants and customers.

All-in-one merchant panel

Our merchant panel brings you detailed information with easy-to-understand visuals. Monitor and manage all your deposits and transactions on a single interface.

Easy cross-border payments

By eliminating the need for currency conversion, Bitpace's crypto payment gateway simplifies cross-border payments, making it easier for businesses to expand globally.

Auto conversion

We can automatically convert received crypto funds to the settlement currencies (EUR, USD, USDT, USDC) of your choice. Stop losing time and money with market fluctuations or through conversion errors.

Great customer support

Our experts are always available for your requests and enquiries and to put your mind at rest. Crypto is easy with Bitpace!

You’ll love working with us

Setting up a system is one thing, but using it daily with a smile is a different game. Working with Bitpace, you’ll be grinning from ear to ear. Here’s why:

Speedy payments, fast

Bitpace processes payments rapidly and settles them quickly, eliminating delays commonly associated with traditional payment methods.

Stable conversion rates

Our platform is all about keeping things steady. You decide how long, and we'll lock in a fixed conversion rate for you. No more worrying about the ups and downs of the market.

Multiple payments, one
clear view

Our back-office app lets you monitor all your incoming transactions, letting you review incoming payments and manage your payment history from a bird’s eye view.

No fuss refunds

With Bitpace, you can handle occasional refunds without a hitch. Our refund feature makes your reimbursement rules easy to follow, whether it's sorting out over-payments or under-payments, ensuring your customers are always happy.

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Bitpace is reliable and trustworthy

Fully licensed

We’re licensed by EU financial authorities.

No use of client funds

Your funds are held in safeguarding accounts, keeping them completely safe.

Regularly audited

Per our licenses, we are regularly subject to regulatory and financial audits.

Zero vulnerability

With integrated KYB procedures, compliant MLRO & AML officers, we protect your business from illegal funds.

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Frequently asked questions

What are crypto settlements?

Crypto settlements involve finalizing and recording transactions made in cryptocurrencies on the blockchain.

How do crypto settlements work?

Crypto settlements verify and record transactions as blocks on the blockchain, ensuring a secure and transparent settlement process.

What cryptocurrencies can be used for payment settlements?

Bitpace facilitates payments in 12 top cryptocurrencies and provides auto-conversion to USD, EUR, USDT, and USDC.

Are crypto settlements secure?

Yes, crypto settlements are secured through advanced cryptographic techniques, along with the decentralized nature of blockchain technology.

Are crypto settlements faster than traditional settlements?

Yes, crypto settlements are typically faster due to blockchain's instant verification and settlement process. Bitpace extends this process by offering fast settlements in USD, EUR, USDT, and USDC.

Are there any fees associated with crypto settlements?

Bitpace's fee structure is transparent and competitive. More details can be found on our clients’ online panels.