Get Payments with
Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Bitcoin Cash, IOTA, TRON, Algorand Today

Accept Bitcoin Payment On Anywhere


You are selling a product or service with the currency of your choice.


We calculate the best price and show you the amount of "Bitcoin" to be paid in real-time


Your customer pays with Bitcoins


As a merchant you can withdraw your balance in FIAT or in Cryptocurrency.

Services Overview


Fixed Deposit

Integrate our API and start getting paid by bitcoin and alt coins. You can get paid for certain amount within a time limit. Perfect for a selling a product or service.

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Dynamic Deposit

Your customers can make deposit to your system with bitcoin and alt coins. You can accept their deposit anytime without any limits or time constraints. Perfect for account top-up's.

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Enable users to withdraw their balance in bitcoin and alt coins.

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Buy / Sell

Do you want invest in bitcoin and alt coins? Not a problem

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Supported Coins

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Supported Currencies

Exchange between 25+ currencies in real time from a multi-currency balance.


Our Benefits

No Fraud, No Fuss

We eliminate chargeback fraud.

Instant Processing

We process your transaction in the matter of minutes.

Worldwide Acceptance

We accept transactions from all around the world.

No Monthly Fees

No commitment, no hassels, no upfront charges.

Refunds Covered

We support refunds process when underpaid or overpaid.

Partial Payments

We welcome partial payments from your customer.

Fast Settlements

You will be amazed how fast we can process your settlements.

Easy to use Dashboard

Intuitive panel you can use to view granular data about all transactions.

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